An interested and devoted person who loves, supports, and defends his or her country and the individual rights of its citizens from interference from an overreaching government.


Passion, perseverance, determination and motivation of a long-term goal even when confronted by significant obstacles, distractions, adversity and failure.

About Us

Hey there, it’s Daryn. I’m just a guy that grew up on a Missouri farm, headed off to college, started an awesome custom-apparel business in my dorm room using a pay phone, turned that into a national company and sold it nearly 31 years later. OK…I had help from my parents, my bride, Toni, 3 awesome daughters, God and lots of others along the way. I get it…many folks label me as a conservative, Christian, family-oriented ‘Patriot With Grit’ entrepreneur. That’s fine with me…couldn’t be more proud!

The ONE Thing I Realized From Day One Was That Small Business, Capitalism and Entrepreneurship Is The Backbone of America

Then in February 2020, the world and America was shaken. Something crazy hit and caused everyone to be humiliated, isolated, and divided. Small businesses and churches were closed while massive corporations remained open. People were paid to stay home and not work. The media dished out constant, divisive misinformation while social media censored conservatives. Americans were being tested, coerced, and did everything they were told—too obsessed with their Starbucks and smartphones to look up and pay attention.

Here's The Deal...

I never liked history (or politics for that matter), never paid much attention to our kid’s public schools, and watched and believed most of what was on the news. Then, things seemed ‘off’—they just didn’t smell right. I began researching truth, freedom, and health while practicing discernment. I began attending patriotic, faith-based American-freedom events—something I’d never done. I loved hanging out and learning from these God-fearing, freedom-loving, truth-seeking American leaders and small-business owners.

Immediately realizing people were starving for hope, encouragement, guidance, and truth, I decided to take my experience in small-family business, marketing, leadership, and entrepreneurship, sprinkle in some good old fashioned faith-based American patriotism and introduce Patriots With Grit where we bring you truth bombs and guidance from conservative leaders and entrepreneurs.

Face It.

America’s the best country in the world. America’s made up of patriots. And our mission at Patriots With Grit is to help you…

Hear Truth

Be Bold

Live Free

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